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COSMOFEN 10 a cleaner for PVC


COSMOFEN 10 it is applied as slightly dissolving cleaner to profiles from rigid PVC in window manufacture.


COSMOFEN 10 it is applied to special preparation of surfaces for pasting and marks removal, and also rough pollution.


COSMOFEN 10 it is suitable for clearing of various opaque thermoplastic and thermoactive plastic surfaces in the various industrial purposes. Stability to climatic influences and УФ the profiles which cleared by preliminary given cleaner and have been stuck together by glue COSMOFEN PLUS HV is certificated by institute of plastic - the Center of plastic of Southern Germany in a Würzburg - at the account of norms RAL 716/1 part 1 section 3.2.5.



the Basis
a mix of aethers карбонатовых acids, without impurity of the aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons
on norms EN 542 at +20° C a comment of 0.90 gr/sm2
the Minimum working temperature
from +5° C
flash Temperature
-4° C
ignition Temperature
+460° C



It is possible to Clear dry and pure surfaces of a dust, a cleaner to put on special napkins without fibers and not painted. At a strong dust content of a surface it is necessary to clear preliminary a cleaner COSMOFEN 20 .

For the reason гигроскопичного actions of the dissolved PVC to use a cleaner it is possible in dry environmental conditions.


As a rule it is enough to spend once the moistened napkin on a surface to clear a profile, in case of strong pollution to wipe once again.


For polishing and restoration to use according to technical characteristics полиролем COSMOFEN 5 (strongly dissolving).


STORAGE: COSMOFEN 10 to store in densely closed original packing, in a dry premise at temperatures from +5° C to +25° C, avoiding hit of direct solar beams. The period of storage in the closed original packing makes 12 months.