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Dryer for linen потолоч. " ЛИАНА" 2м (a dryer for linen a liana)


  • The dryer can be established practically everywhere where there is a ceiling in your apartment.
  • the Linen dries under the ceiling and does not create for you any inconveniences but only reduces drying time.
  • Cores on which the linen is hanged out, fall to the necessary level for you, depending on your growth.
  • the Dryer " Лиана" изготовленна from strong high-quality non-polluting materials.
  • the Maximum loading on one стержен to 2,5 kg. Wet linen (one blanket cover).
  • If you have strengthened a dryer in a bathroom you by all means will have a desire to establish " Лиану" and on a balcony.

Сушилка для белья потолочная Сушилка для белья потолочная Сушилка для белья потолочная Dryer for linen " the Liana " it can be used in a bathroom, a loggia or on a balcony. On two metal arms with rollers are horizontally suspended Five metal tubes in diameter of 12 millimetres. Tubes have two positions on height: top - for drying of linen and bottom - for posting or linen removal.

all metal details of a dryer are painted by a powder paint and made of strong, high-quality non-polluting materials.

a dryer for linen " the Liana " it is very easy-to-work. Cores on which the linen is hanged out fall to the necessary level, and the linen dries under the ceiling and Does not create inconveniences.

the sizes of a dryer for linen " Лиана": width 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 and 2 metres.