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What you give a guarantee and on what?

The warranty period is established 3 years:
- On the PVC design;
- On installation of designs of PVC;
- On Aluminium designs;
- On installation of aluminium designs.

We are ready to give more detailed information to you in any of our shops.

What is the condensate?

Condensation (from an armour. condensatio - consolidation, a condensation), transition of substance from a gaseous state in liquid or firm. Condensation is possible only at temperatures below critical temperature.

At the constant set temperature condensation goes until the equilibrium pressure (saturation) depending only from temperature will be established. Differently, in apartment we breathe, we erase, we wash in a shower, we take a bath, we cook, we dry linen, we wash floors, we water flowers, we spill water on a floor etc. the Part of this water evaporates and is in air.

If a premise not to air to a moisture there is no place to leave. If the temperature of batteries, and under our conditions this phenomenon normal is insufficient, the temperature falls more low, so-called, dew-points and the condensate is formed. The unique decision of this problem - more to air! The moisture accumulating indoors should come to light!

And you give discounts? If yes, how many? There to us a distance of 50 %!!!

In this question be attentive!

And often happens so that in one company to you will count the order with the discount of 50 % declared in advertising, and cost of this order will appear, is equal to cost in other firm without the discount.

The main thing it discount %, and definitive cost of your order!

At each company the approaches to sales, but the main component is how many to you it is necessary to pay for the order!

During week-end you make gaugings and montazhno-painting and decorating?

Да. Мы работаем без выходных

What advance payment at you?

For windows of PVC advance payment makes 50 - 70 % of a total cost of the order. At the order остекления a balcony wooden frames or works on furnish of a balcony advance payment makes 10 – 30 % of a total cost of the order, you pay the remained sum after the termination of works at signing of the Certificate of reception-delivery of the executed works.

The non-cash form of payment assumes 100 % an advance payment.

Whether it is possible most to remove москитную a grid?

Grid on a plastic window to put and remove will not make special efforts.

The grid on aluminium остекление a balcony becomes only сдвижной, and she acts in film only the expert of firm.

Whether it is possible most to make gauging?

For predesign of cost of windows you can measure them independently. For specification of the definitive sizes it is better to invite professional замерщика our company. After all the window is made under your aperture and it is necessary to be clear in the mind not only aperture dimensions, but also its structure, it is necessary know and to be able much. A beautiful kind of a window with correct installation with slopes and a window sill begin with competent gauging.

Whether I can consider calculation by phone as a final price?

Following the results of predesign it is possible to judge only an order of cost and it is impossible to consider this price definitive. In spite of the fact that we try to specify all possible characteristics of the future order and as much as possible to stipulate its complete set, gauging of the professional expert considerably differs from the sizes named preliminary and necessity of carrying out of some works is difficult for revealing only at dialogue. We recommend to cause for finding-out of exact cost of the order the professional master on gauging and in detail to discuss with it all on a place.

Whether you can glaze a balcony in Leningrad region?

We work on all territory of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region

I wish to cause замерщика. How quickly it can arrive?

The master on gaugings can arrive any next day after your order, having co-ordinated time and arrival date by phone. On the statistican every third gauging is carried out in day of the reference of the client.
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