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How to choose type остекления a balcony or a loggia?

Before to choose type остекления, it is necessary to be defined, for what you do it.

If you wish to glaze a balcony to protect it from external influences: weather conditions and noise it is better to use "cold" остекление a balcony aluminium or inexpensive of a tree. The aluminium design represents a frame with sliding, deaf or rotary shutters. As filling glass of 5 or 6 mm is used in the thickness. It is an elegant, reliable and easy design. Its unique lack – a low thermal protection. If you wish to use a balcony within all year, остекление it is necessary to do of PVC. Use of double-glazed windows allows to increase heat and sound insulation considerably.

What is warm остекление a balcony or a loggia?

Usually "warm" name остекление balconies and loggias with application of designs from the PVC profile.

To achieve the maximum thermal protection it is necessary to spend also balcony furnish from within with obligatory warming. It is necessary to warm all parts of a balcony directly adjoining street, i.e. перильную a part, lateral walls, it is very important to warm a floor and a ceiling. All it allows to achieve high degree of a thermal protection and as a result it is possible to use a balcony within all year.

If you wish to use a balcony as premises part it is possible only at simultaneous performance of several conditions:

1. It is necessary to establish остекление a balcony светопрозрачными the designs having factor of resistance to a heat transfer not below 0,48 m. кв*С/Вт. To such condition correspond to PVC of a window with two-chamber double-glazed windows or with single-chamber double-glazed windows with power saving up glass.

2. It is necessary to warm a floor, a ceiling and walls to level of external walls. It, as a rule, min 5-10 sm of a heater of polyfoam.

3. It is necessary to take out on a balcony a source of additional heating (for example, "heat-insulated floor" or an electric radiator).

Whether you can glaze a balcony frames from aluminium, PVC?

Now we work with aluminium frames (profile Provedal) and plastic frames (profile VEKA)

Installation on a balcony will last what is the time?

It depends on amount of works. Usually, остекление it is established within one day. Balcony or loggia furnish is made next day

Whether you can dismantle old остекление, a roof? How many there are these works?

Yes, we make dismantle of old designs. Dismantle cost makes 200 rbl. / sq. metre. If dismantle (complex), its cost from 4700 rbl. on balconies in length to 3,1 m. is carried out only

Whether you mount roofs, from what material?

Yes, we make installation of roofs only in a complex with остеклением a balcony. The roof can be executed from the zinced metal sheet (a roofing metal tile).

Whether becomes warmer on a balcony?

After остекления aluminium designs of sharp warming it is not necessary to wait for a balcony, naturally difference between temperature in the street and on the glazed balcony will be.

All aluminium designs остекления are made of a so-called "cold" profile. Feature of aluminium designs that aluminium an in itself material with high heat conductivity. Therefore on heat preservation single-layered остекление, of course, not the best variant.

And if the warm balcony is necessary, it is better to choose остекление double-glazed windows.

To receive a warm balcony it is not enough to put good plastic system остекления it is necessary to provide constant inflow of heat on a balcony. It is better to put the small battery because if to try to raise temperature on a balcony by door opening in a room, will lead to condensate loss.

Whatever system you have chosen, your balcony will be protected from a draught, a wind and on it will be always comfortable.

What it is necessary to do, that the glazed balcony did not mist over?

Unique way to prevent запотевание glasses — to open balcony shutters if the door in a room is opened.

In what the basic differences of a balcony, a semibalcony and a loggia?

Balcony, - acting from a wall and protected (a lattice, a balustrade or a parapet) a platform on console beams (wooden, steel, ferro-concrete) or a plate (. ч. Ferro-concrete) on a building facade.

Loggia, - a premise entering usually in total amount of a building and protected from external space by a parapet or a lattice.

Semibalcony, - a balcony with one lateral wall.
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