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What is important for a choice of windows?

Before answering such question to you it is necessary to answer it, first of all: «And what purpose of purchase of new windows?» «What for it is necessary for you?». And when you will answer yourselves this question, the seller can offer variant as much as possible approaching for you.
For example, «I wish to replace windows because it is cold!» In this case it is necessary for you to look at reliability of accessories of lock-out, to look at system of a profile, reliability of knots of adjunctions a frame/wall.
For example, «It is fashionable! It is beautiful! It stylishly!» In that case you can to advise pay attention to system of window/door blocks, systems открываний, installation of additional "options" on a product.
For example, «I wish to get rid of noise!» In that case we can advise to you, pay attention to a double-glazed window since it occupies approximately 80 % of the area of all window and to pay attention to furnish of apertures since noise can bypass a window in areas of adjunctions with a wall.

And why installation and furnish are not included into window cost?

Our company works with different Buyers. It is necessary for Someone to buy windows, to someone street water outflow, installation and to whom is not present is necessary to someone.

And why installation and furnish are not included into window cost?

The matter is that production very thin piece. If technological process needs 2 days, means only in two days it is possible to guarantee quality and to bear on the given goods guarantee certificates if 5 5 etc. very often Buyers drag out process of purchase of window/door designs, and all know that repair begins with windows! It is clear that without them it is difficult to start a premise complete repair. And ours to you council! It is in advance necessary to think of the given products.

Than occurrence of windows from plastic is caused? Really the tree is worse?

Certainly, wooden windows are habitual and pleasant. They possess good изоляционными properties and durability. But the tree is «a live material», painfully transferring influence of the sun and humidity fluctuation. Products from a tree require difficult and expensive protection, and to windows from plastic are not terrible neither frosts, nor a wind.

Why plastic windows were widely adopted recently?

Windows from PVC rather have appeared recently in the market, however already had time to take strong positions and it is essential to press wooden windows owing to variety of advantages. Plastic does not demand any special leaving. Plastic windows well protect from a cold in the conditions of severe winters; while in service do not demand painting and repair. They are tight, owing to what possess fine heat-shielding and шумоизолирующими properties. One more conclusive advantage of a plastic window is universality of its use: it is remarkably entered in any house from an individual cottage to "five-storey apartment block".

Time and again it was necessary to read that windows from PVC-PROFILE for various reasons have not found applications in other countries, therefore with them have filled up Russia

Attempt of some editions to present window profiles from plastic as the certain "colonial" goods, not found applications in the developed countries, is represented to the extremely wrong. In Germany, for example, more than 50 % of apartment houses are glazed by such designs. In Russia where in the big territory there are strong frosts and the big differences of temperatures, windows from plastic are the most suitable to creation of comfortable conditions of residing.

How many there is 1 square metre of windows of PVC?

The given concept at manufacturers металлопластиковых is not present windows/doors. This concept has come from the building organisations which adjust all material to the building estimates and at which sale of apartments follows 1 sq. metre or repair.
The matter is that the window aperture always remains also the area остекления does not vary and it is necessary not to forget it, and here a complete set which is ordered by buyers the different. For example, it is necessary for one противомоскитная a grid, and to another is not present; one тонирует glasses, and another is not present; one orders a single-chamber double-glazed window, and another two-chamber etc.
And cost of 1 sq. metre can speak only after a full complete set of the order.
One more example: the Building organisation orders partitions with one glass and not opening elements – cost of such products can be 40-45 c.u., and the Private consumer can order a window of the average size and of 1 sq. metre can reach it more than 350 у.е

What weak places in металлопластиковых windows?

The weakest place it уплотнители seems to us! It is necessary to pay attention To it. Especially it concerns металлопластиковых windows! Rubber should be soft, elastic, not change the forms as service life thus is quickly reduced. But it is not terrible if to get in our company special means for care of windows.

How to struggle with a hotbed effect after installation металлопластиковых windows?

You know? Struggle will not be! If you equip at once the window with microairing systems.
But let's not forget that if you will seal up old windows for the winter such concept as "hotbed effect" will as take place.

How to avoid запотевания металлопластиковых windows?

Metalloplastikovye windows are tight. Therefore the moisture earlier leaving through cracks of old frames, can be condensed during cold time for double-glazed window surfaces indoors.
So, sources (reasons) of the raised humidity in apartment are bad system of ventilation of a premise, actually its inhabitants, a considerable quantity of colours, kitchen in a food preparation time, damp air from a bathroom, etc.
At installation of windows it is necessary to track, that the thermal stream from central heating batteries on a window has not been blocked. Already during operation of windows it is necessary to pay attention to that curtains or jalousie did not interfere with passage of warm air from radiators to a window.
Correct airing of a premise is especially important. It is enough to open a window for some minutes 3-4 times a day or to leave opened a transom for longer time.
We can offer you additional accessories in accessories of a window for more convenient airing.
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