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Plastic windows

Plastic windows have become part of our lives over the past 10 years.
In Europe it is the most popular type of window systems (in Germany more than 70% of windows are made of PVC).
Significant advantage of PVC systems are:

* High degree of heat and sound insulation;
* Aesthetic appearance;
* The ability to create custom shapes;
* Ease of use.


When choosing window, you must pay attention to three essential points:

1) profile is applied.
2) The quality of the manufacturer.
3) professional installation.

Company BALCONY WORLD ® offers an optimal combination of these parameters.

1) For the production of windows used by German profile VEKA, one of the world's leading manufacturers of window systems. To date, more than 100 million boxes manufactured by VEKA. Hallmarks of VEKA are: high degree of functionality, durability and reliability design, spectacular appearance, ease of use.
2) The production is equipped with a modern, technologically advanced equipment, providing the highest quality of manufactured products, to avoid deviations in the size of min.
3) Installation of products by a special queuing system of the plant. Installation of windows and trim surfaces is performed with special, highly skilled teams.
Window Systems VEKA: 12 features
The world of window systems - a world of amazing diversity. Choosing a window, the customer faces a multitude of brands, an abundance of names. Which system you choose? What are the criteria for this choice to be guided? What to pay attention to? Technical experts from VEKA in this material are responsible for frequently asked questions coming from both window manufacturers and end users.

Features VEKA

1. Optics:
smooth surface, to the extent of the glossy texture of the surface, mature color.
When you install a home or office, you certainly want them to be beautiful. And although at first glance, all new windows are white, white are all in different ways. Some manufacturers make the surface of the plastic window deliberately glossy and bright. Beautiful, but on such a surface mechanical damage, however minor they were not seen very quickly and very noticeable. On the other hand, if the surface of the frame and sash mat, then the window as a whole produces a pale, "liquor" impression. VEKA technologists succeeded in compounding, which allows to reach a compromise between the unpretentious matte texture and spectacular luster. A nice shine and at the same time low sensitivity to external shocks - the first and most noticeable feature of window systems VEKA.
2. Specially designed angle seals.
Aesthetics of the window is not exhausted by its shape and appearance of the frame and sash. Details can play a very important role in many ways defining the impression, which produces a window into a whole. Pay attention to the seals - in the windows system VEKA they are practically invisible. The secret - their special form, or rather a special angle of inclination. If this important parameter ignored, then the seals are too visible, double-glazed window is formed around the so-called "funeral frame. In windows VEKA, if they are made correctly, this is not.
3. Closed by the contour seals are installed in the windows completely, not segments.
Geometry VEKA window systems allows the use of seals as a whole, rather than pieces. In other words, the seals are a whole tape, not a set of disparate sections that need to be docked at the corners. This greatly increases the insulating properties of the finished construction, saving you let subtly but obsessive "blowing".
4. Rubber seals, good transferring low temperatures.
Sami seals made of special rubber. Their feature - temperature resistance and preservation of the elasticity over time, which is especially important in the Russian climate with his characteristic fluctuations in temperature and humidity. The advantages of patented seals VEKA systems becomes especially noticeable in cold climates.
5. Power in the frame of a closed section.
Aesthetics - it's good, but you want to keep your windows were not only beautiful, but reliable. Therefore, in the frame construction VEKA window systems we use a reinforcing element of the closed section. This geometry combined with a special steel achieves excellent static performance and avoid unpleasant surprises, "sag" sash.
6. Straight Seam provides optimal load transfer from the glass to the amplifier.
Using direct rebate is solving the same problem - improving the static window.
7. He fillet.
In developing our system, we have not forgotten about them as so important as functionality and ease of care. Pay attention to the fillet - it stands out a bit with respect to the plane wing. Thus, we were able to avoid the formation of a narrow track, where so fond of collecting dust, which in this place and so noticeable.
8. Special baffle in the leaf "holds" of fitting the groove and prevents the sash from swinging.
9. Special bevel Vodootvodny channel in the leaf has a slope that prevents ingress of diverted water on the metal parts of furniture.
No matter how tight were not window construction, inside profile inevitably get microparticles of water. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. Trouble can begin, the challenged moisture enters into contact with metal parts fitting. VEKA engineers have provided and it is - a form of Vodootvodny channel eliminates contact with the water fittings.
10. Feature of the system:
When hinges on the wing mounting screw passes through three walls to provide better durability and reliability of the fixture.
11. The same thickness throughout.
The quality of the window - it's quality profile. Quality Profile - is the stability of its performance and compliance with all the basic parameters of strict building regulations. The bottleneck of the low-cost systems - different thickness of the outer wall. It's like car wheels of different diameters. Using the most advanced extrusion technology and continuous quality control in our laboratories allows the intrinsic geometry of an ideal profile. All walls and partitions the system stable, all corners are exactly such as they should, the deviations are permitted only at the level of tenths of a millimeter.
12. Unrivalled range of articles.
Buying and installing windows, doors, sliding balcony of VEKA, you find yourself in a world of amazing diversity. Of our components can be manufactured window of any shape, any size, any color. And even if we come to the architect, who suffers from delusions of grandeur, we have a solution for it.


Products and Services

Company BALCONY WORLD ® offers:

Windows and balcony doors
- Windows "LOW" on the basis of the profile VEKA Euroline;
- Windows "STANDARD" based on the profile VEKA Softline;
- Windows "LUX" based on the profile VEKA Topline.
Balconies and loggias on the basis of VEKA profile
- Aluminum frame sliding and rotary type.

Carried the full range of services, from measuring and design to installation and finishing products slopes.
Balconies and loggias - the modern solution!
Petersburg climate leads to a lack of demand for open spaces, balconies and loggias, and sometimes in an apartment just is not enough space, and then the question arises about their glazed, turning them indoors. BALCONY WORLD ® offers all kinds of designs of PVC systems for the protection of loggias and balconies with sliding, swinging, and a combined system of glazing. Number of wings is determined by a long fence.

Used in production systems meet all modern requirements of the construction. They provide strength and durability, protects as from any vagaries of nature (rain, snow, wind), and the problems of a big city (noise, dust, smog).

Possibilities glazing as standard residential buildings, and homes with custom architecture without violating their individual look.